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Primo Ceramic Gas Grills (2 Items)

Primo Ceramic Gas Grills

The Oval G420 is a revolutionary gas version of Primo’s traditional charcoal smoker. It combines all of the advantages and versatility of charcoal with the convenience of cooking with gas. It can be configured in either freestanding or built-in and also offers a propane configuration. If you would prefer a natural gas grill, the G420 will come with a natural gas conversion kit in which you’ll need a licensed professional to perform the conversion.

The patented oval design of Primo Ceramic Grills is engineered to have two different cooking zones. Dual zone cooking makes it easier to grill different things like meat and vegetables at the same time. You can cook your steak and chicken on one side with direct heat, while cooking vegetables with indirect heat on the other side. All Primo gas grills are made in the USA and come with a limited lifetime Warranty.

Benefits of a Primo Ceramic Kamado Gas Grill

Ceramics – The ceramic technology used by Primo is known as the Primo SuperCeramics. The SuperCeramics are coated with a protective, lead-free, and scratch-resistant porcelain glaze to make sure the grill looks good and remains functional for a long time.

Insulation – Since gas grills use radiant heat to cook food by drawing the moisture out, ceramics make for great insulation. The grill is able to maintain a more consistent temperature, meaning less moisture is being drawn out of the food.

Heat Distribution – Coming in at 420 square inches, the efficiency of this grill is second to none. The heat is distributed evenly across every square inch to maintain a consistent cooking surface across the entire grill.

Tube Burners – The four tube burners are made out of 304 stainless steel & are rated for 21,000 BTUs. They can smoke meat at 220 degrees Fahrenheit, but can still get as hot as 600 degrees for searing or grilling.

Flavor Grids – Made from 304 stainless steel for durability, the flavor grids grids help prevent flare-ups and allow drippings to vaporize, adding more flavor to your food.

Electric Ignition – This allows for quick and safe starting of the grill.

Smoker Box – Just because you’re using a gas grill doesn’t mean you have to give up on smoky flavor. Just fill the smoker box with your favorite wood chips to infuse the food with smoke.

Grill Cart – The grill cart is made with brushed aluminum handles with a powder-coated steel exterior and locking casters. It has two drawers for storage and fold-down shelves.