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Lion Premium Gas Grills: Professional-Level Grilling for Everyone

Want a premium grill at a mid-level cost? As crazy as it sounds, that’s exactly what you get with a Lion gas grill! These grills offer top-notch quality and superior grilling results without breaking the bank, and their 304 stainless steel construction gives them outstanding durability. Lion premium gas grills, which are considered to be commercial-quality models, come in two separate collections with built-in and freestanding configurations. Spend a few hours cooking on a Lion grill, and you’ll find there’s even more to love!

Versatile Grilling Options

If you’re used to cooking only steaks and burgers, prepare to expand your grilling horizons. All Lion gas grills come with a gourmet package that includes a protective cover, rotisserie, smoker box, griddle, and griddle remover. We’re particularly impressed by the griddle, which easily fits into the grill so you don’t have to maintain a separate space for it. The griddle remover also has an attached bottle opener for enjoying a drink or two while you grill. Even the flame tamers give you options — they can be swapped with ceramic heat tube flame tamers that offer 40 percent more coverage. On top of everything else, Lion offers other optional accessories, such as a charcoal tray, that can make your gas grill even more versatile!

Desirable Design

Lion grills have a sleek, streamlined look in beautiful stainless steel that will enhance the appeal of your outdoor kitchen. In addition to their attractiveness, these grills provide functionality with reliable flame-thrower ignition, a large pull-out grease pan, and two interior grill lights for nighttime visibility. Their stainless steel grill grates are excellent at radiating heat and creating beautiful sear marks on as many as 24–32 burgers at a time, depending on the size of your Lion gas grill.

Lion premium gas grills are available in two different collections: the L75000 and L90000. In the 32-inch L75000 grills, you’ll find four burners that total 60,000 BTUs. The main grilling area of these Lion grills measures 647 square inches, while the secondary area is 183 square inches. The L90000 collection, meanwhile, is 40 inches in width and boast a total grilling area of more than 1,000 square inches! These grills have five burners that produce a combined 75,000 BTUs, plus a 15,000-BTU rotisserie infrared back burner.

Keep in mind that Lion gas grills come with a lifetime warranty on all cast stainless steel burners, stainless steel housing, framing, and cooking grids. Lion also offers a three-year warranty on stainless steel flame tamers, while all other parts are warrantied for one year. If you have any other questions about Lion premium gas grills, get in touch with one of our BBQ experts at 1-877-743-2269 today!