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Kamado Grills & Smokers

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  • Economy Kamado Grills icon
    Designed to meet a low price point, which limits overall quality and cooking versatility.
  • Practical Kamado Grills icon
    Moderate quality and performance, albeit with a few interesting and helpful features.
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    Built from the highest-quality ceramic for superior performance and longevity.
  • Luxury Kamado Grills icon
    Cast aluminum construction makes them the most durable, versatile, and stylish grills.

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Kamado BBQ Grills

If you value versatility when grilling, a kamado-style grill is a must-have for your outdoor space. These models can grill, smoke, sear, or roast just about anything, and they maintain consistent temperatures, even at the low end. Kamado BBQ grills also provide more efficient heat retention than regular charcoal grills and are available in freestanding, built-in, or portable configurations.

Kamado Ceramic BBQ Grills

The ceramic body of these kamados are inspired by centuries-old cooking techniques that have withstood the test of time. Ceramic kamado grills are hard to beat when it coming to retaining heat, locking in smoke, and creating moisture while grilling.

Charcoal Kamado Grills

Natural lump charcoal, which is made of different charred hardwoods, allows you to pull huge flavor out of these kamado BBQ grills. Below are two of the best charcoal kamado grill brands.

Kamado Joe

Kamado Joe Big Joe, Classic, and Pro Joe Series all include top-of-the-line features that give you flexibility and versatility while cooking. The Divide & Conquer Cooking System, Kontrol Tower top vent, and special heat-resistant ceramic coating are just a few of the reasons Kamado Joe is among the leading charcoal kamado manufacturers. The Pro Joe model even boasts a three-tier rack for up to 864 square inches of cooking area, and the Joe Jr. offers easy portability.

Primo Grills

Though each Primo Grills kamado has a two-zone cooking setup so you can grill different types of food at the same time, there are several collections that meet specific demands. Primo’s main kamado grill is the Oval XL and its Jack Daniels Edition, both of which have 400 square inches of cooking space and split-level grids. The Oval Large and Oval Jr. models are also capable of split-level cooking, just across smaller areas. If you prefer a charcoal kamado grill that’s not oval-shaped, the Large Round model has room to fit 13 burgers at once but isn’t equipped for split-level cooking. Primo even makes the only gas kamado grill — the Oval G420 pit has two low-temperature burners and a smoker box for wood-fired flavor.

Steel Kamado Grills

There’s more than one way to cook a brisket, and there’s more than one way to build a kamado. Caliber Pro Kamado Grills from Caliber Range Corporation produce some of the best steel kamado grills around. Constructed with 304 stainless steel and ceramic interior insulation, American-made Caliber Pro models have four color options and are available on a cart with wood shelves. Another great steel kamado grill is the Broil King Keg, which comes in two series with adjustable air dampers and durable, powder-coated exteriors.

Cast Aluminum Kamado Grills

Blaze is the only manufacturer to make cast aluminum kamado grills, and these models give better temperature control than their ceramic counterparts. In addition to being the most durable kamados on the market, Blaze Kamado Grills are designed with lid assist and 12-millimeter, 304-grade stainless steel cooking grates that result in beautiful sear marks.

Once you’ve settled on a model, let BBQGuys® help you discover kamado grill recipe ideas that’ll make your next cookout a hit! For further assistance, call one of our BBQ experts at 1-877-743-2269 today!