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Propane & Natural Gas Smokers (1 Items)

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Gas Smokers: What to Look For

A gas smoker can be an affordable and effective option for people who enjoy smoking meats. Gas smokers typically use propane, with a few exceptions that use natural gas. You’re not smoking the food with gas; rather, the gas heats the smoker box that’s filled with woodchips of your choice, imparting smoky flavor into the food. Many people find this easier than using a wood smoker. Wood smokers require monitoring the heat levels and constantly make adjustments. With a gas smoker, set the smoker to the desired temperature and you don’t have to make adjustments. You only need to make sure you don’t run out of gas!

Vertical Gas Smokers

Vertical gas smokers are some of the easiest to operate and most cost-effective smokers you can purchase. Though they may cost less, they still have plenty of room for smoking. They’re also well insulated so your fuel lasts longer. The heat originates from the bottom of the smoker and rises up naturally, making it easy to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the entire smoker. This prevents cold spots you sometimes find in traditional smokers. Vertical gas smokers leave a small footprint in your kitchen too, since they’re taller than they are wide.

Traditional Gas Smokers

A traditional smoker is built to look like a gas grill. They can fit longer cuts of meat than vertical smokers. The Lynx Sonoma Traditional Gas Smoker has smart cook features. It can be used in configurations including built-in, countertop, and on a cart. This type of traditional smoker allows more options for customization than you would typically find in a vertical smoker.

Pressure Gas Smokers

A pressure smoker, like the Cajun Express, cooks your food much faster than a traditional smoker. You can smoke a brisket in two hours! However, while you can cook fall-off-the-bone meat quickly, you will sacrifice the tasty, crunchy bark that forms when smoking meats low and slow. Pressure forces the smoke flavor into the meat and cooks it quickly, making it a great option for those who want a smoky flavor in a short amount of time.

Natural Gas Smokers and Propane Smokers

BBQGuys carries several gas smoker models in both natural gas and propane fuel types. Not all smokers can be converted from one fuel type to another, so it is always a good idea to do your research and determine which type you will need before purchasing. Natural gas is a utility and must be pumped into your home by a ulitity company through a dedicated fuel line. If your home has a natural gas line, always consult a certified plumber before installing gas appliances. Propane gas generally comes in tanks, which makes propane smokers much more mobile than their natural gas counterparts.

Read about our Best Gas Smokers, and if you're still unsure which kind of smoker fits your needs best, our BBQ experts are always standing by at 1-877-743-2269 to answer all your BBQ smoker questions. Call today and let our experts find the perfect gas smoker for you!