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Find the Perfect Flat Top Grill or Griddle

Looking for a flat top grill but don't know which one to choose? Flat top gas grills, sometimes referred to as gas griddles, teppenyaki grills, planchas, or even hibachis, provide a very hot, versatile cooking surface, and almost any type of food can be prepared on one. Whether you are looking to grill vegetables, make mouthwatering fajitas, or whip up a batch of Sunday morning pancakes, a flat top grill is a great addition to your outdoor kitchen. Popular brands include Blaze gas griddles, Evo grills, Lynx Asado gas griddles, and Fire Magic gas griddles. BBQGuys offers a large selection of flat top grills in a variety of sizes and colors. With our large selection to choose from you are sure to find the grill that is right for you!

Flat Top Grill Benefits

  • Hot Cooking Surface - The flat surface is very hot and the temperature is evenly distributed, across the surface.

  • Low Smoke - Smoke is minimal because there is no grease dropping into the burners like with a gas grill. The grease drips into a pan underneath which is convenient for cleanup.

  • Versatility - Flat top gas grills are great for all types of food including seafood, steaks, vegetables, and even fried rice. For added versatility add pots and pans to cook soups and side dishes.

  • Cook In Zones - You can cook multiple foods at the same time - scramble eggs on one side while you grilling steaks or bacon on the other.

  • Healthy Cooking - Because minimal oil is required, fat is reduced. Most foods cook in their own juices.

  • Get Social! - Flat top grills are great for outdoor gatherings because you can get the entire group around the grill to contribute to tepppenyaki-style cooking.

To learn more about the differences between Flat Top Grills, Teppenyakis, Hibachis, and Planchas check out What is a Hibachi Grill for more info.