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Coyote Gas Grills (6 Items)

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Coyote Gas Grills: What to Look For

Coyote was founded with two core concepts in mind: outdoor durability and high performance that looks great. Those values are undeniably present in Coyote gas grills, which have the mixture of modern beauty and power we’ve come to expect from the Texas-based company. No matter which line of grills you choose from — the Coyote C-Series, Coyote S-Series, or Coyote Centaur Hybrid — you’ll have the strength and sturdiness of 20,000-BTU cast stainless steel Infinity Burners at your disposal. Coyote also lets you customize your grill with a wide variety of accessories, including charcoal trays for cooking versatility and signature, laser-cut grill grates that have different surfaces to effectively grill specific foods. With these awesome features, any Coyote gas grill can become the centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen!

Coyote C-Series Gas Grills

Though this is the basic line of Coyote gas grills, C-Series models are far from ordinary. They have internal halogen lights, 304 stainless steel construction throughout, and perforated flame tamers that can be upgraded to ceramic briquette flame tamers for even better heat coverage and distribution. The most popular Coyote C-Series grill is the 28-inch, two-burner model that’s great for grillers of all levels. If you choose the freestanding configuration, you’ll have the portability and convenience of a quality grill in a small space.

Coyote S-Series Gas Grills

As Coyote’s luxury line of gas grills, the S-Series has added features to meet the highest standards of grilling. These grills have everything included in C-Series models but come standard with a Coyote RapidSear infrared burner, an infrared rotisserie backburner and kit, a smoker box, backlit LED control knobs, and ceramic briquette flame tamers. Even with all these additions to enhance performance, Coyote S-Series gas grills remain as aesthetically pleasing as anything else on the market. Grillers everywhere love the 36-inch model, though there are smaller and larger sizes available in this series.

Coyote Centaur Gas & Charcoal Hybrid Grill

The choice between gas and charcoal can be a tough one, so Coyote made a grill that lets you play with both fuel types at once! With the Coyote Centaur Hybrid, you get the cooking power of a 28-inch, C-Series grill combined with a built-in charcoal grill of identical size. The firebox measures 50 inches wide but has separate hoods over each fuel source, and the charcoal tray has a hand crank to adjust temperature along with an air damper for airflow control. And just like the Coyote C-Series, the gas side of the Coyote Centaur Hybrid can be upgraded with accessories.

Why stop at just the grill? Coyote offers a full line of outdoor kitchen equipment that flawlessly matches its grills for a sleek and cohesive outdoor design. For more help deciding which Coyote gas grill is best for you, visit our Free Outdoor Living Design Service or call one of our BBQ experts at 1-877-743-2269 today!