The Skinny:
Commercial quality and performance; clean, polished look; popular brand with professional chefs; made in the USA

Things to Love:
Many resorts and professional chefs around the world choose Alfresco for its commercial quality and high performance. Everything about the Alfresco means business, from its durable construction to its impressive cooking performance.

The Alfresco LX2 has a unique, attractive design that stands out from other grills. With hidden hardware and smooth lines, the grill has a crisp, polished appearance that definitely gives this grill a high-end look.

Under the hood you'll find powerful u-shaped burners that are made with a stainless steel and titanium blend that is built to last and produces impressive heat. Alfresco also offers an optional sear zone burner that super heats food and locks in the juices. Above the burners, pyramid shaped ceramic briquettes evenly distribute heat across the grilling surface and vaporizes your foods drippings, infusing your food with flavor. Also, the ceramic briquettes minimize flare ups, keeping you in control while cooking.

Alfresco knows professional chefs demand easy cleaning, so they included a flip-down control panel that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze. The grill also has an air-cooled front panel and control knobs for safety, that stay cool to the touch at all times.

Recently, Alfresco improved and refined the LX2 line with the ALXE series, which offers a slightly more stylized body, spring-assist hood, amber LED control panel lighting, and a wide range of matching outdoor kitchen equipment.

Alfresco was one of the first companies to create a line of outdoor products that allow customers to build a true open air kitchen. Alfresco designs with professional entertainment in mind; so if you are a big entertainer you won't be disappointed in any of their outdoor products, from side burners to refrigerators.

When things go wrong, it’s an opportunity to see a brand’s true colors. You can rest easy with Alfresco, because they include a lifetime warranty on the grills stainless steel components and burners.

Things to Consider:
The LX2 comes with a classic electronic spark ignition system, which when compared to similar grills at this price point, offer more innovative ignition systems. Electronic spark igniters as a whole, are notorious for failing over time, however the LX2 does offer backup secondary manual flashtube ignition.

Also, while ceramics do an amazing job at retaining and distributing heat, they lack the ability to reduce heat quickly if needed while cooking.

You'll Like This Grill If:
You want an attractive, commercial quality grill that is built to perform with the professional in mind.