The Skinny:
Stylish, Stainless steel dome is extremely durable; heats up quickly and cooks fast; in-chamber cooking means excellent wood-fired flavor, no curing necessary.

Things To Love:
Alfa Forno builds a line of stylish pizza ovens with quality stainless steel. The first thing that caught our eye is the trendy color choices available. Depending on the oven, there are two or three color options. The dome is made from powder-coated stainless steel for excellent durability, and the cooking surface is made of refractory materials for outstanding heat retention.

Authentic brick ovens utilize an in-chamber fire, which means the food is placed next to the fire in the same chamber. This style of cooking is similar to how a traditional brick oven works, and it gives your food better wood-fired flavor vs. other brands which have a separate firebox.

Another great feature is the innovative design. Traditional brick-style ovens must go through a curing process before they are ready to cook, and have about an hour of pre-heat time. To solve both of these problems, Alfa Pizza came up with their innovative dome shape. With the dome being made from stainless, there's no curing necessary. This patented technology is called Forninox and it also allows the fire to reach cooking temperatures in about 10 minutes while using less fuel than most other wood-fired ovens.