Steven Raichlen Large Stainless Steel Grill Ring With Spike

by Steven Raichlen |
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  • A simple tool for an amazing twist to BBQ
  • Reliable stainless steel construction
  • Simply stuff your fruits or vegetables and allow the ring to hold them securely on the grill
  • Be creative with perfect results every time

Full Description

Steven Raichlen Large Stainless Steel Grill Ring With Spike: Get the most from your barbecue with tools by the award-winning author, journalist and television host, Steven Raichlen. Grill up something new and different with this stainless steel spiked grilling ring. The SR8032 lets you barbecue anything from stuffed eggplant to tomatoes to whole cabbages right on the grill. Stuff fruits or vegetables with your favorite seasonings, place them on the spiked ring and enjoy things you never would have dreamed possible from a barbecue grill. This grill ring is 3-1/4 inches in diameter and can be used with or without the spike.


Item TypeGrill Rack
Accessory TypeGrillware

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Steven Raichlen Large Stainless Steel Grill Ring With Spike

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