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  • Charcoal Introduces Unique Flavor Into Any BBQ Event!
  • A Cheap, Easy Way to Pack More Taste Into Your Barbeque
  • Burns With Less Ash for a Greener Approach to Barbequing
  • Can Be Lit With or Without Lighter Fluid
  • Burns Hotter to Cook Quicker

Full Description

Groveland Gourmet Orange Tree Lump Charcoal: Add fuel to your BBQ fire with this Groveland gourmet lump charcoal. Charcoal adds the finishing touch to any outdoor feast by introducing a unique, smoked flavor into every bite. The exotic accent of orange tree flavoring takes an ordinary barbecuing experience and transforms it into a mouth-watering event. Groveland charcoal is 100% hardwood charcoal with no chemical additives, making it a safe, all natural alternative to traditional BBQ pit fuel. This charcoal provides the freedom of lighting your BBQ with or without lighter fluid. Extremely efficient, 1 pound of this charcoal produces the equivalent heat of 2 pounds of briquettes. Low ash production increases the quality of your flavored food while contributing to a greener environment.


Item TypeCharcoal
Accessory TypeFuel

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Groveland Gourmet Orange Tree Lump Charcoal

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