Deluxe Porcelain Coated Wok BBQ Grill Topper

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  • Great for grilling veggies or diced meats
  • Can be placed directly on the grill
  • Perfect for stir-fry

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Deluxe Porcelain Coated Wok BBQ Grill Topper: This wok bbq grill topper is perfect for grilling up delicate vegetables on your gas or charcoal grill. Wok features a porcelain coated finish and measures (in inches): 12 x 12 with handles.

Item Type:Wok
Accessory Type:Grillware
Overall Dimensions:
Weight: 2 pounds

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Deluxe Porcelain Coated Wok BBQ Grill Topper
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Great product

This product is a must for any griller. I use it for veggies and potatoes. It's wok type-design is so much better than those grill plates as it holds everything you need. I have an average space grill and I could fit 2 of these snugly on grill. I even use it for frozen french fries and onion rings.


I just loved the way you can cook on your grill top so easy.. Favorite is doing shirmp and basting it with a flavorable marinade. I loved it so much bought another one and gave it as a present...