The Skinny:
Big Green Egg is undoubtedly the most popular kamado-style ceramic grill on the market. They have set the standard for how a ceramic grill should look and perform. Big Green Egg was ahead of its time several years ago, however competitors have now caught up, offering better quality and performance with unique innovation. Not only that, Big Green Egg can only be purchased through local retailers, making it extremely hard to find this product online. Overall, Big Green Egg doesn’t go above and beyond to blow your mind but it still delivers a quality ceramic grill.

What We Like
Big Green Egg looks sharp, with its iconic green finish, cast iron top vent, and stainless steel bottom vent. As with most ceramic grills, Big Green Egg does a good job at retaining heat and cooking at different temperature ranges. Controlling the temperature is a breeze with the sliding bottom vent and pivoting-dial top vent (this allows for more precise control over airflow.)

Over the years, BGE has built a devoted following of users so if you’re interested in joining a grilling community, there are many online forums where you can ask other Egg Heads questions and share grilling tips.

Big Green Egg offers a limited lifetime warranty on the ceramic parts. Most of the metal parts have a five year warranty, and the felt gasket warranty is one year.

What We Dislike
Big Green Egg is really a basic kamado grill that doesn’t offer too many special features. Unlike competitors it doesn’t have adjustable cooking grates that allow you to cook at different temperatures, just as an example. So even though, the “green egg” is what makes this grill stand out, some customers may want other color options.

Because Big Green Egg is not sold online, it makes it difficult to visually compare it to other kamados, side by side. We've put together a comparison so that you can learn the features and benefits of all these kamado-style ceramic grills and compare and see the Big Green Egg Alternatives.