Non-Stick Meatball Grilling Basket

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Non-Stick Meatball Grilling Basket
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  • Get that perfect meatball crust with juicy centers from your grill
  • Makes grilling meatballs simple and easy
  • Turn them all at the same time for even grilling
  • Allows for healthy cooking by draining the grease as you cook
  • Non stick for easy clean up

Full Description

Non-Stick Meatball Grilling Basket: This nonstick grilling basket eliminates turning meatballs one-by-one in the oven or skillet. Sturdy wire spherical shaped compartments allow heat to circulate entirely around meatballs, ensuring uniform cooking, while grease drains. Allows you to get that perfectly charred crust with a moist center that everyone loves. Easily cook and flip 20 meatballs at once and enjoy healthier eating with the Charcoal Companion CC3504 Meatball Grilling Basket.
Item Type:Basket
Accessory Type:Grillware

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Non-Stick Meatball Grilling Basket

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