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    Easy-Lite Refillable Lighter - Black: Battery operated ignition, lights like a charm! Due to Hazardous Materials shipping restrictions, these lighters are shipped empty. They can be filled with refillable butane cans purchased at your local store.


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    Accessory TypeGrilling Tool

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Easy-Lite Refillable Lighter - Black
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Great lighter

My 94 year old Italian mother loves to cook and her stove burners don't always light and she has arthritis and can't operate those child proof lighters. She loves this one. Eventually we'll get a new stove but for now this will do the job.

Lives up to its

True to. It's name, this lighter is the easiest to use. You only need to gently press the button for the lighter to ignite. No hard clicking, or contorting your fingers, just a light touch on the electronic button. The easiest lighter I've ever found.

Great Value!

Durability and Ease of Use make these lighters a great buy! Just refill the propane and replace the AA batteries once in a while and these will last almost forever! They are so easy to use- especially for seniors and/or those with arthritis. (Other cheaper lighters we tried posed a real challenge for the elderly- These work much more easily and thus are safer!)

Easy to use & Long Lasting performance

Perfect lighter for anyone to use- Easy to refill with butane. With replaceable AA batteries, this lighter lasts almost indefinitely!

I would buy this product again

Used to light gas grill and candles