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    15 inches
    8 inches
    42 pounds
    Cajun Cookware Grills Round Seasoned Cast Iron Hibachi Grill: The Cajun Cookware hibachi grill will allow you to cook right away. The Cajun Cookware grill is pre-seasoned cast iron and round in shape. The Cajun Cookware hibachi grill measures 15 inches across the cooking grid and 8 inches high. This Cajun Cookware grill weighs 40 pounds and is great for camping.


    Style Traditional
    Size15 Inches
    Cooking Grid Dimensions15 X 15 Inches
    Burger Count 9
    Exterior Material Cast Iron
    Made In USANo
    On WheelsNo
    Quick Ship Yes
    Grid ShapeRound

    Overall Dimensions

    Height 8 Inches
    Width 15 Inches
    Weight 42 Pounds

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    Shipping Width 16 Inches
    Shipping Height 16 Inches
    Shipping Length 16 Inches
    Shipping Weight 41 Pounds

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    Height: 8 Inches
    Width: 15 Inches
    Weight: 42 Pounds
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Cajun Cookware Grills Round Seasoned Cast Iron Hibachi Grill
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(6 Reviews)

Quite pleased

Bought this hibachi for grilling in the fireplace in the Winter. Its high quality cast iron and offers a good amount of grill space. The charcoal heated quickly and provided the proper heat for grilling.

best grill I've owned

A big kettle grill is fine when you have a big party, but if you're just having a few friends over or grilling for a small family, this is the way to go. It heats evenly, cleans easily, and takes up hardly any space. Very sturdy - nothing cheap or flimsy about it - and it looks very classy. Because it's made of cast iron it's heavy (40 lbs), so while it's portable, it's not going to knock over.

Fast, Powerful, Versatile Grilling

I am frequent griller (2-3 times a week) I have limited space for large charcoal or gas grill. This little powerhouse has been a god send, in addition to being ready to use, it adds great charcoal flavor provides adequate grill space for most any application, it's quick firing and easy to clean. Maintenance is important with this or any cast iron unit. No true hibachi has a lid but it would be nice to expand cooking versatility, for slower cooking. All-in-All a great little barbeque!

High heat, table-top grilling

The Hibach grill must be used on a table top and is therefore messier than a stand-alone grill. However, it uses less fuel (real charcoal is best because it leaves less ash), starts quickly because the heat is contained, and its high heat is ideal for a perfect rare steak or seared hors d'oevres. The high heat also means cooking must be constantly monitored - not a problem at table top. It is solidly built which is a plus for table-top cooking and does not come with a cover because it is not appropriate for slow cooking.

Not bad...

We use this small Hibachi for heating saki or tea water out doors in our tea house, or for taking the chill off on a cool evening when we want to enjoy the stars, the small size is prefect for us.