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Charcoal Grills

Looking for a Charcoal Grill?

Choosing a charcoal grill may seem like a simple task upon first thought, but the truth is not all grills are created equal. Before you decide to purchase, ask yourself the following questions and then visit our Top 10 Charcoal Grills page to check out the best of the best!

Charcoal Grill Features

  1. Is the grill easy to clean? Look for a charcoal grill that has a dump or other easy-clean device installed.

  2. Can you adjust the charcoal height? A grill with an easy to adjust charcoal tray will make a huge difference and make it possible for you to grill foods that require variable temperatures.

  3. How durable is the bbq? Nobody wants to replace a worn-out grill every year. Stainless steel grills can be a bit pricier, but they are definitely worth the investment.

  4. Do you want a Built-In or Portable charcoal grill? Depending on your outdoor set-up, you may want a grill that is permanently set in your island or can be pulled from one are to another. This is really a personal preference.

  5. Is the Manufacturer reputable? Do your research and check how long the grill company has been around and whether they have good reviews from their customers. Don't be afraid to ask people online to get their opinions, and feel free to call one of our grilling experts!

  6. Does the grill have a warranty? Don't think your charcoal grill isn't worth it! Many quality grills come with a warranty on manufacturer defects and sometimes more. Make sure you find a grill that has a warranty that gives you added comfort.