Charcoal Smokers and Grills

Charcoal Smokers and Grills If you're a barbecue lover, then you know it's all about the smoke. Whether you choose a vertical smoker or an offset smoker, both are extremely popular with all bbq enthusiasts. At BBQ Guys, we have several different types of charcoal smokers to choose from. The most popular are the offset charcoal smokers, also known as barrel smokers. Before purchasing an offset charcoal smoker, remember that you get what you pay for. Some companies will use cheap steel in order to offer lower prices. This method brings down the quality of the product. Our top brands of offset charcoal grills are Medina River and Horizon Smokers.

Vertical charcoal smokers are also popular. You can choose a charcoal smoker and grill that's made out of ceramic which is designed to enhance the flavor and withstand high temperatures. Popular brands of ceramic charcoal smokers are Primo and Grill Dome. We also have several stainless steel charcoal smokers to choose from along with trailer grills and built-in charcoal smoker grills.

If you have questions regarding our selection of charcoal smokers, read our charcoal smoker reviews or contact BBQ Guys at 877-743-2269 and speak to a customer service representative. They can answer your questions and assist you with your purchase.