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Discover the taste of TEC.

TEC's patented cooking system infuses your food with smoky vapors and evenly distributes high heat.

TEC infrared grills give you the authentic charbroiled taste you've been seeking.

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TEC Grills, Reviews & Accessories

  • TEC Grills
    TEC Grills

    TEC's patented cooking system retains more moisture and natural juices than any other type of grill on the market. The innovative glass panels vaporize drippings and eliminate flareups.

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  • TEC Parts & Accessories
    TEC Parts & Accessories

    TEC makes it possible to do all your cooking on one appliance. Add a fryer/steamer for perfectly steamed vegetables, or a rotisserie for juicy, slow-cooked chicken.

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  • TEC Grill Demos
    TEC Grill Demos

    Watch Chef Tony and his special guest check out TEC infrared grills and perform a series of grilling tests to see how it measures up.

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    TEC Grill Review

    Our experts have done the research for you. We've rated & reviewed TEC grills, get our experts opinion on their performance.

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Learn About TEC

True Infrared Grilling

For over 50 years, nobody has spent more time and money on infrared technology than the Thermal Engineering Corporation (TEC). TEC's new patented technology has evolved into the most advanced grilling system in the world that cooks with 100% infrared energy, evenly distributes heat across the entire cooking surface, and infuses food with an authentic charbroil flavor. Experience the technology that's changing the way the world grills!

made in usa TEC products are proudly Made in the USA.

TEC Infrared Grill Advantages

  • 1. Cooking with infrared energy takes away the hot air associated with gas grilling and moisture loss in food is reduced by up to 35%.
  • 2. Marinades can be poured directly on the food while grilling. They sizzle and steam, becoming part of the vapor that flavors the food.
  • 3. No flare-ups! The cooking grates on TEC grills rests directly on top of radiant glass panels which block air low at the cooking surface. Any drippings that touch the surface of the glass are instantly vaporized instead of igniting.
  • 4. TEC's unique glass panels work with their burners to distribute heat evenly across the cooking grates. Every square inch of cooking surface can be used for grilling.
  • 5. TEC grills heat up quickly - the grill can reach temperatures near 850° F with 10 minutes of preheat time on high with the lid closed.
  • 6. TEC grills are also easy to clean - just close the lid and heat on high for about 10-15 minutes. Food drippings and debris are incinerated, much like with a self-cleaning indoor oven.
  • 7. There's no need for a smoker box, just place wood chips directly on the cooking grate. The glass panels prevent them from falling into the interior of the grill.
  • 8. TEC grills have been laboratory tested and the results show TEC uses 50% less fuel than other grills, which means they also reduce harmful emissions.
  • 9. Infrared grills are well-known for their high heat, but TEC goes a step further. They can cook dramatically lower than traditional infrared grills.
  • 10. Cook a whole meal on a TEC grill - place cookware directly on the cooking grates and you can use the grill like a conventional stove-top. Or, remove the grate and cook directly on the radiant glass panel.